Specialty Coverages

Changes in law, regulation, and the economy have businesses looking at alternative ways to transfer their risks. In this section, we will explore some of the most popular specialty coverages.

Product Recall Expense

Product recall expense coverage is designed to protect companies from the many costs and expenses associated with a product recall or contamination. Coverage can be written to cover a recall on non-food products such as electrical products, furniture, clothing, sporting goods, tools, toys, appliances, and auto parts suppliers etc. Coverage is also available for food and beverage manufacturers, growers, processors, distributors, and packagers. Food-Borne Illness coverage is available and designed for restaurants and hotels. A superior policy will address and provide coverage for the following:

  • Coverage for Crisis Management expenses required before, during, and after
  • Recall Expenses as defined in the policy
  • Replacement Costs
  • Insured’s Loss of Gross Profits
  • Product Rehabilitation
  • Extortion Demands
  • Customers’ Loss of Profits
  • Government Recall
  • Adverse Publicity

Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual Property Insurance protects against certain intellectual property violations involving patent, trademark, trade secrets, or copyright infringement. Coverage can be written to reimburse defense cost for infringement violations and also be written to cover expenses incurred in enforcing your intellectual property rights against infringers.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance provides coverage against losses resulting from the failure of business debtors to pay their obligations to the insured, usually due to insolvency. This coverage is geared towards manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers who carry significant accounts receivables.


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