Hackers and Small Businesses

You cannot turn on the news without hearing about hackers and stolen data. Large data breaches such as Sony, while being highly publicized, do not tell the whole story. The article below states, “Small companies, which are making the leap to computerized systems and digital records, have now become hackers’ main target”. Hackers have turned to small businesses due to the ease of bypassing security safeguards. The article below gives some great examples of real world claims that have affected small business. Medical offices should pay special attention to this growing exposure due to the penalties and notification laws associated with HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

The insurance market has responded to this threat with the creation of Data Liability Insurance. Data Liability Insurance can be purchased as a standalone policy or can be combined with the General Liability policy. Jason Holmes, ARM offers a full range of competitive options to protect your business.

Hackers Set their Sight on Small Businesses


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